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'Kafiristan': Colour Photographs by Maureen Lines Exhibition at Goethe-Institute, Karachi

The area of the ancient Kafiristan – “land of the infidel”, situated on both sides of today’s Afghanistan border – is still the homeland of some Nuristani people and Kalash that maintained their polytheistic and animistic religion during the centuries. Due to their uncommon fair skin and hair the Nuristani people and the Kalash differ from the peoples living close to them and therefore often attracting the attention of European traveller. Coming from England to the Kalash valleys as a visitor in 1980 Maureen Lines never thought that in 2010 she would have been living there for nearly a quarter of a century. But as soon as in 1986 she returned, bringing with her a diploma as an emergency medical technician and henceforth taking care of the Kalash’s health situation. However Maureen Lines wasn’t satisfied with working simply as a barefoot doctor, but committed herself to the preservation of the Kalash’s culture heritage. Therefore she founded KEPS (Kalash Environmental Pro…

Poppy Seed 'Querying the Label'

Poppy Seed presents   Querying the Label Pakistani Artists Responses to the term Islamic Art   Curated by Fatima Quraishi and Sumbul Khan   Imran Mir, Riffat Alvi, Shakira Masood, Manizhe Ali, Muhammad Asif Sharif, Asad Hussain Marium Agha, Fasiha Batool, Raza Zaidi, Mehwish Jawad, Zaid Hameed   Opening Reception: Friday, October 22nd, 2010, 5:30 - 8pm
Dvd: Get Started-watercolor W/Jan KunzLearn to Paint Oils by Alwyn Crawshaw / Parts 1 and 2

Shakil Ismail Art Gallery Displays 'Still Life' by Sohail Ismail

Shakil Ismail Art Gallery held an exhibition of fascinating still-life paintings by the upcoming artist Sohail Ismail. Sohail Ismail was born in 1972 in Karachi and after finishing a four-year diploma in Graphic Design from the Central Institute of Arts and Crafts, Art Council Karachi, started working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. Currently he is working as a freelance artist, and has already held a group show and a solo exhibition of his works before this one.

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The life and works of Sadequain’ a lecture by Dr. Akbar Naqvi

HTML clipboard‘The life and works of Sadequain’ a lecture by Dr. Akbar Naqvi.
On Saturday 07 August 2010, a lecture has been organized at Unicorn Gallery, on the Master artist, Sadequain by Dr. Akbar Naqvi at 6:30 pm.

Dr. Akbar Naqvi is an art historian/critic and regularly wrote on art for many years and contributed to various newspapers such as The Sun, Dawn, The Muslim and Herald.

 He is the Author of various books on art including Pakistan: The Making of Art and Image and Identity: Painting and Sculpture in Pakistan, 1947-1997. And has conducted seminars on Pakistani art at; The Royal Asiatic Society, University of Manchester and University of London.

 For this lecture/talk Dr. Naqvi will speak at length about the Master artist Sadequain (1930-1987) Pakistan’s most prolific artist. A self-taught artist, who’s modern and innovative line work, revolutionized the history of Pakistani art. An internationally renowned artist during his own lifetime, his distinctive style a…



HTML clipboardOn 17 June 2010 Grand Trunk Road Art Gallery exhibited a solo display of paintings by the Pakistani artist, Soraya Sikander.
 Soraya, graduated from Beaconhouse National University in 2008, and is a painter of nature.
 Primarily an oil painter, accompanied by some watercolour sketches, the artist put together a
 display of thirteen impressive art works ranging from floral compositions to landscapes.

 From 12 by 12 inches canvases to window size and larger works were on display, adorned in bright green oil paints, lush scenes of flora in the wild, forests, jungles, woods, leafs and other such splendors from the world of nature. The dazzling display was a treat to the eyes.

 The treatment of each composition varied, from heavy knife work pieces to flat textured lily flowers rich in tonal gradation. Each composition glittered with coats of sheen under the rich layers of paint.

The exhibition was well-received by the art world and was attended by the High Comm…


From Shakil Ismail Art Gallery, Shakil Ismail's fine work