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Jimmy Engineer's painting on permanent display at China's National Art Museum

Beijing: China’s National Art Museum is going to permanently display a painting of renowned Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer. The artist who is also a social worker handed over one of his rare painting to the curator of the China National Art Museum on Wednesday. Pakistani Ambassador to China Masood Khalid was also present there with other officials from the Embassy of Pakistan and National Art Museum.

Speaking at the event, Khalid Maood lauded Jimmy Engineer for encouraging a soft image of Pakistan, adding that the artist’s first exhibition last week attracted Chinese audience and received appreciation. He said, the paintings of the versatile Pakistani artist had been selected for display by different museums of the world while he had received a number of national and international medals and awards as recognition of his artwork.

Pakistan Chowk Initiative: A Cultural Activity In Karachi

Join Ahmed Anver and team this Sunday at their "Angan" for a Mulaqat over Chai. It will be an informal "baithak" where artists of old town, the residents of the area and people from all over the city will gather.
Present will be Mr. Akram Ahsan Siddiqui, born in 1939 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and migrated to Pakistan Chowk in 1950.
Also present will be Dr. Asif Farrukhi, Interim Dean & Associate Professor, SAHSS at Habib University and a fiction-writer, critic and translator.
Join at the Chowk this Sunday