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Shakil Ismail at Nomad, Islamabad

A preview of the solo exhibition of Contemporary jewellery and glass castings by artist Shakil Ismail was organised at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG) .

Winner of many awards, Shakil is a graduate of Central Institute of Art and Craft, Karachi. He has been exhibiting since the mid 1980’s and has had innumerable solo and group exhibition at home and abroad.

A Karachi based artist, he is a deft craftsman and has gained a reputation for his contemporary jewellery. He first exhibited his collection of metal jewellery in 1992 and found an appreciative market for his work. Since then he has taken time out to design unusual trinkets, sketching hundreds of designs and choosing just a few which translate into wearable pieces. He used charming colours to attract his fans .

Qur’anic verses adorn his jewellery and form an integral part of his coloured glass sculpted pieces which are unique. His use of different media like copper, bronze and brass, and his experimentation with chemicals has resulted in a personal and individualistic style.

Sharing his view, about his art work, with Pakistan ObserverIn Shakil said, in his latest collection at Nomad Gallery, he has designed square pieces resembling amulets, irregular shapes using contrasting coloured stones and enameling. He said, he participated in various major exhibitions arranged by government and non government level and won prizes.

Elaborating the art work of Shakil, Nageen Hyat Director of Nomad Art Gallery (NAG) said, Shakil combines the classic tradition of Calligraphy with sculptured pieces inspired by the decorative element of early Islamic architecture. “ Shakil Ismail moved away from found objects to create his own wall based metal pieces, incorporating semi-precious stones and crystals against a rich texture,” she added

A large number of art lovers visited the display and appreciated the accomplishments of artist.


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