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HTML clipboardOn 17 June 2010 Grand Trunk Road Art Gallery exhibited a solo display of paintings by the Pakistani artist, Soraya Sikander.

 Soraya, graduated from Beaconhouse National University in 2008, and is a painter of nature.
 Primarily an oil painter, accompanied by some watercolour sketches, the artist put together a
 display of thirteen impressive art works ranging from floral compositions to landscapes.

 From 12 by 12 inches canvases to window size and larger works were on display, adorned in bright green oil paints, lush scenes of flora in the wild, forests, jungles, woods, leafs and other such splendors from the world of nature. The dazzling display was a treat to the eyes.

 The treatment of each composition varied, from heavy knife work pieces to flat textured lily flowers rich in tonal gradation. Each composition glittered with coats of sheen under the rich layers of paint.

The exhibition was well-received by the art world and was attended by the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Singapore, Mrs. Fauzia M. Sana, embassy members, Singapore Pakistani Association, as well as other patrons and supporters from the Indian and Pakistani community and local socialites.

 Critics/media such as Marisse Gabrielle Reyes and Peter Annink from SAGG and others were also present for the occasion. The artist had specially flown from her country for the occasion, and participated in a dialogue with the audience.

 "For me art is a spontaneous release of all the imagery that you capture in your eyes through the course of your days. I internalize a lot, moments, experiences are stored somewhere within, and this is what is exhaled on to a canvas" spoke Ms Sikander, an introverted, sensitive soul. She also commented on the impossibility of expressing herself completely through words or letters and said she can only begin to express herself through a work of art.

 This is the artist's sixth exhibition, but first solo show in Singapore, and considering the response the artist received in Singapore one can safely say another one may be on the cards, by next year.

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Soraya Sikander Displays Her New Work ' Inscape ' at Unicorn Gallery Lahore

One of Pakistan's prominent, artist Soraya Sikander presents a new series of nature-based paintings in her upcoming exhibition INSCAPE. These artworks shall be presented for the first time at the prestigious Unicorn Gallery in their Lahore branch in Gulberg on 28 February 2017.

INSCAPE SORAYA SIKANDERThese paintings reference actual locations, describing the idea of being at a place – as seen through the mind’s eye. This will be the artist’s fifteenth exhibition. Soraya Sikander has exhibited at leading galleries and museums in UK, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Wassenaar, Hague, Dhaka etc.

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