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'Kafiristan': Colour Photographs by Maureen Lines Exhibition at Goethe-Institute, Karachi

The area of the ancient Kafiristan – “land of the infidel”, situated on both sides of today’s Afghanistan border – is still the homeland of some Nuristani people and Kalash that maintained their polytheistic and animistic religion during the centuries. Due to their uncommon fair skin and hair the Nuristani people and the Kalash differ from the peoples living close to them and therefore often attracting the attention of European traveller. Coming from England to the Kalash valleys as a visitor in 1980 Maureen Lines never thought that in 2010 she would have been living there for nearly a quarter of a century. But as soon as in 1986 she returned, bringing with her a diploma as an emergency medical technician and henceforth taking care of the Kalash’s health situation. However Maureen Lines wasn’t satisfied with working simply as a barefoot doctor, but committed herself to the preservation of the Kalash’s culture heritage. Therefore she founded KEPS (Kalash Environmental Protection Society) and HKCA (Hindu Kush Conservation Association) in the early 90s and until today never ceased to advocate the Kalash’s needs.

The exhibition presents impressive colour photographs made by Maureen Lines during the last 30 years in order to document the Kalash’s cultural inheritance. Inauguration: Thursday, 26th October 2010, 6 pm
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Shahid Rassam and Kolkata Museum: The Conflict

Shahid Rassam, one of most famous Pakistani artists is upset a Kolkata museum, which had agreed to exhibit his works on Ghalib’s poetry done in collaboration with Indian poet Gulzar, cancelled the event at the last minute. The museum claims they were misled into believing that Gulzar would attend.

Shahid Rassam had planned to hold his exhibition, titled ‘Ghalib and Gulzar’, at Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH) Museum on February 20. Around 50 paintings and four murals were prepared for the exhibition in which Gulzar had apparently selected Ghalib’s verses for Rassam to paint.

“Out of 50, 36 of these paintings were to be exhibited at VMH Museum including murals as big as 25-by-15 feet,” Rassam told The Express Tribune. “It took me four years to work on this project and the sudden cancellation at the last moment over email is uncalled for,” he said. The artist also shared the news at a press conference in Karachi on February 28.
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